Gun (Gun Apocalypse Series Book 1) - Lee Hayton

Title: Gun
Author: Lee Hayton
Publisher: L. H.
Series: Gun Apocalypse Series # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Gun" by Lee Hayton

My Thoughts....

What a captivating suspenseful thriller read that is fast paced definitely keeping your attention till the end! Even though you may have seen or even heard of violence but it is really something as you read from this 'apocalyptic horror.' This author really puts together such a read of this virus epidemic that has sweep through leaving quite a bit of disruption and chaos making people do some horrible things in some kind of twisted minded situations. I will say this isn't my kind of read but I wanted to see how this author would present this story and all I can say is that the author did one heck of a job as I kept on reading. I found this quite one thriller I found myself holding my breathe at different times in some of the chapters but reading through it all! Be prepared...there will be lots of violence in this read. So, if you like fiction based on apocalyptic events with its aftermath for survivors you have come to the right place for one intriguing story about 'Gun.'

‘Seven customers shot dead in a coffee shop. Thirty shoppers cut down by an assault rifle at the mall. One hundred and eight pupils killed by high-school students on a rampage. It’s just reached 10:00 a.m. on a beautiful spring day. When a neurological virus triggers an epidemic of gun violence, a modern US city fractures into chaos. Annie’s husband shoots at commuters while his son is buckled in a car seat. Frankie and Becca desperately try to hide from a deranged shooter at their school; Robert runs headlong into the midst of a lopsided gun battle; and Blain…? None of them know Blain’s true story. Thrown together—their families dead or missing—these survivors struggle to escape the newly dangerous city. Hoping to find a place of safety. Somewhere they can bide their time until the violence subsides, the authorities seize control, and good once again triumphs over evil. They’re in for a long wait.'

As the reader will see from this read of how this virus makes its sufferers lash out and then shoot randomly triggering quite a story of survival of how different survivors, victims and even innocent bystanders' lash out and shoot randomly at people. This was quite to read of how this author presents these stories of survivors, victims and innocent ones and even more interesting the take on gun violence. Who will one side with, how do you even survive all of this and most of all is their a cure of the sick who are causing all of this mess? Yes, these are ill people but what should be done with them? I liked the 'empowerment that this author gives the women in this read...shooting, fighting and trying to help each other out! 'How these people come together in all of this conflict' is the really core of this story. I found the characters [Annie, Becca, Frankie, Robert, Blain, Mikey] to name a few for the most part well developed helping give this story a good plot in this apocalyptic survival novel.

In the end will good triumph over evil? Well. I guess you will have to pick up 'Gun' to find out. Oh, there will be another series..Gun 2.