The Way My Heart Loves You

The Way My Heart Loves You, An Anthology - Dawn Jiles, Trinity Dekane, J. Summers

Title: The Way My Heart Loves You" [An Anthology]
Author: Dawn Jiles, Trinity Dekane , & J. Summers
Publisher: Raquel Williams Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Way My Heart Loves You" An Anthology by Dawn Jiles, Trinity Dekane, & J. Summers

My Synopsis:

A Hustler Stole My Heart by Dawn Jiles ...

Sometime many things are not to be as it was for Jules and Ramia especially when Victoria comes back into the picture! What will happen as someone else steps into the picture? "Hearts will be shattered and many deep secrets will be revealed, leaving you with your mouth wide open."

Real Love or Naw by Trinity Dekane....

What will happen for these two ...Danny and Stephanie as it seems that all the odds are against them.
"Will these two find a way to stay together or will they allow others to interrupt their union?"

‘Til Death by J. Summers ...

Wow, what a interesting anthology that you will have to pick up and read for yourself. When it seems like all has failed....and fate has comes to Maine what will be left for Sade?... "Will her efforts and sacrifice to save her love prove to be worthy or will they be a all in vain?" What a ending for Maine and Sade!

I enjoyed all three of these anthologies. These authors did a wonderful job with there stories making them seem so very real. I would recommend this novel "The Way My Heart Love You" to all of you who especially like unexpected endings.