Faking Lucky

Faking Lucky - Q. D. Purdu

Title: Faking Lucky
Author: Q. D. Purdu
Publisher: Q. D. P.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Faking Lucky" by Q. D. Purdu

My Thoughts...

A good read of 'second chances' that happened to two HS sweethearts of Hunter and Desdemona. However, things will change for these two. Be ready for a fun, steamy passion, heartbreak, suspense hilarious, poignant and quick phenomenal read that will keep your attention to this twisted end. What will happen when her ex boyfriend announces on national TV that when had been faking her orgasms during their relationship? Now, how will this story come out? This is where I will say that you will have to pick up this story to see how all of this will come out. In the end the reader gets a well written romantic comedy that will definitely keep one interested turning the pages.