When Ash Remains

When Ash Remains - Dena Garson, Deborah Halverson, Hot Tree Editing

Title:  When Ash Remains

Authors:  Dena Garson

Publisher:  D. C.

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"When Ash Remains" by Dena Garson 


My Thoughts...



What a story that will definitely takes one on a quite a journey that comes together so well as a good  'Native American' historical paranormal romance story.  This author really works her magic in giving the reader as story of Ahyoka and Kajika which their destiny that brought them together. We find Kajika is a alpha warrior who found Ahyoka who was a 'Spirit Talker' while he was on the hunt of a killer of his cousin and family. These two were very for the most part opposites but made up for it as they complimented each other in others ways. I liked how this author brings out the 'spiritual magic' to the story.  Will these two be able to track down a murderous beast to stop it from more killings? What these two could do together was truly unique in the way it was all handled. This will be quite interesting read as it is brought out so well to the reader.  It was a very good read of how these two people who comes together battling 'unforeseen forces' and oh yes I loved the lusty, steamy, and spicy heated romance.  To get the whole story and answer to many questions the reader will have to pick up 'When Ash Remains' to see how well this author presents it to the readers.  Would I recommend? 

Yes, especially if you are a paranormal book lover.