Ray of New

Ray of New (Ray #6) - E. L. Todd

Title:  Ray Of  New

Author:  E. L. Todd

Publisher:  E.L.T.

Series:  Ray # 6

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating:  Four



"Ray Of New" by E. L. Todd


My Thoughts....


Well, all I can say is this was definitely a continued read from the last series where  Ryker and Rae, now friends with him  now living in New York.  But will happen when he meets back up with his old friend Liam and meets her sister Austen?  After all of the warning from Liam about his sister will Ryker be able to handle it all when it comes a head. Does it seem like maybe he has some feeling for Austen?  What about the feelings he still had for Rae?   What will it take for Austen to finally realize what is right in front of her before it's too late...but kissing Nathan and guess who saw this? I will say she truly got on my last nerves with her thinking process, so  I guess the readers will have to wait and  see what will come of all of this present situation in the next series.  It looks like maybe Ryker is moving on with his old way of life and what about Austen...will she want to get back with her ex?  Yes, we are left with another cliffhanger!