Home - Ginny L. Yttrup

Title:  Home

Author:  Ginny L. Yttrup

Publisher:  Shiloh Run Press 

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Home" By Ginny L. Yttrup


My Thoughts....


This story was quite a well written read where the characters struggles were definitely ones that could be faced by just anyone you may know.


For Melanie and Craig were having some real hard times in their marriage where one could at one point or another not know to whom to feel more sorry for.  Less not forget those neighbors who added quite a lot to the read.  This is definitely one of those reads that will promote a lots of thoughts that will touch one just about on any level.


"Home" is of a real story of a 'family relationship, trust, romance, sadness, longing, love and less not forget a prayer' as each one of thee well developed characters will have their own struggles in trying to find there  way home. Will these characters be able to overcome their struggles?


"Home" will definitely help one to understand more about relationships that are often faced  in today's society.