The Honeypot Chronicles 2

The Honeypot Chronicles 2 - Kinky Me, Kinky You - R. Marlaan Rush

Title:  The Honeypot Chronicles 2 Kinky Me, Kinky You

Author:  R. Marlaan Rush


Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"The Honeypot Chronicles 2 - Kinky Me, Kinky You" by R. Marlaan Rush


My Synopsis...


What 'sexual escapades' will this author bring to the table in "The Honeypot Chronicles 2...Kinky Me, Kinky You?"  Well, we get six more real 'Kinky' read that only the erotica genre will love.  From "Lust After Dark" featuring Zeke...what will his prize be?  "Halftime"  How will Dante, Steve, Tommy and Eddie spend their time during 'Halftime?"  "Playing With My Kitty" featuring Tristan with his mistress. Then on to "Public Playtime" featuring Toni & Craig acting out in public...will they make it home? Next..."Bajan Boy" featuring Robaire and lastly "A Babysitter for Two" featuring Duncan, Elizabeth & Sophia...where all of these stories  being well written and hold up to there name..'Kinky Me, Kinky You.'  Now, to get the whole stories you will have to pick up this read to see how these erotica stories are brought out to the reader.  If  your genre is erotica then I am sure you may enjoy these intriguing reads that you may drawn in as this author brings out her stories so very well to the reader.