Eidolon - Grace Draven

Title:  Eidolon

Author: Grace Draven

Publisher:  G. D.

Series:  Wraith Kings, Book 2

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Eidolon" by Grace Draven


My Synopsis....


I really liked this sequel that continued on featuring Brishen, Ildiko, Anhuset and a some more characters [Wraith Kings] with their own personalities that will keep you turning the pages  with this author giving the reader a well developed written tale about the world of the Kai. The story did indeed keep me enthralled as the reader will see what Brishen does in order to try to save his people that could possibly cost him his life.  Be ready for a story that will have a little bit of it all which features a "world ending struggle, ongoing tale of romance, emotional rollercoaster, magic, fantasy, loyalty, sacrifice, friendship and honor. along with suspense, political intrigue and the impossible mission to save the world."  I will say you really should read the first 'Wraith Kings, book 1 in Radiance" to truly enjoy this fabulous second book 2 "Eidolon" that will give the reader a captivating read at its fullest in tragedy and triumph.


In the end the reader gets one awesome  fantastic read filled with romance, action and intrigue that will leave you wanting more of the 'Wraith Kings Series.'