Under His Skin

Under His Skin - S.I. Hayes, J. Haney

Title:  Under His Skin

Authors:  S.I. Hayes  & J. Haney 

Publisher: S. H. H. & J. H.

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Under His Skin" by S. I Hayes & J. Haney


My Thoughts...


This was quite a good read that these authors gives the readers.  It was quite interesting seeing Dorian Gallagher and Charlotte [Charlie] Herrick becoming friends and then on to lovers.  With Dorian having to leave LA  to Tennessee due so some of his previous actions taken with a married woman.  So, now he is in Tennessee to set up the 'family's newest theme park' and trying to stay on the low due to his indiscretion so not to be followed by this married woman husband goons that maybe out to get him.


On wanting to get 'some new ink' who does Dorian meet?  Well, it's Charlie who was quite some 'dark beauty, free spirit, drives a big truck, rides a motorcycle and carries a gun.'  How will Dorian fit in all of this after they meet?


Well, this will be a cute romance with some mystery and suspense that will keep one turning the pages to see what is coming next.  It was some read seeing out these two come together giving us a good read as both of these families will come together.  I loved the characters in the read who were all for the most part well developed, portrayed and believable keeping the story up front and center.


In the end will this 'Amusement Park Prince get his princess with a HEA?'  Well, you will have to pick up "Under His Skin" to see how these authors bring it all out to the readers. Would I recommend?  YES!