Lethal Lawyers

Lethal Lawyers - Dale E. Manolakas
Title: Lethal Lawyers
Author: Dale E. Manolakas
Publisher: Dale E. Manolakas's Books
Series: Sophia Christopoulos Legal Thriller Series Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Lethal Lawyers" By Dale E. Manolakas

My Thoughts....

I found this story quite a thrilling, suspense and captivating read that will definitely keep your attention all the way through the read. You will see from this story that this one is a good one of a 'strong woman protagonist' 'though the eyes of a blue color Greek woman[Sophia Christopoulos] who went through a intriguing legal process at this premier LA law firm. Be ready to see what could go on in large law firms, some romance with some interesting but complexing and intriguing characters that will make this one good read. In the end will Sophia be able to survive the drama, sharks, politicking, back stabbing at this law firm? To find out this and so much more of what 'Lethal Lawyers' is all about you will have to pick up this well written story to find out.