The PulpWork Christmas Special 2013

The PulpWork Christmas Special 2013 - Josh Reynolds, Joel Jenkins, Russ Anderson, Percival Constantine


Title: PulpWork Christmas Special 2013 (Yuletide Tales of Murder and Mayhem)
Authors: Josh Reynolds, Joel Jenkins, Russ Anderson & Percival Constantine
Published: Pulp Work Press
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"PulpWork Christmas Special 2013" by four various authors was interesting anthology of four short stories or 'yuletide murder and mayhem' in this 'New Pulp' writing showing their craft with some suspense with mythologies of this Christmas holiday season. You will find that each author presents their own wring style that is very intriguing to read. The characters are all well developed along with being very well portrayed. These four pulps reads are all 'Christmas themed pulp' that goes well with the holiday season...being four tales of murder that are written by these different authors. With these being short reads they can be finished quickly in one sitting as 'you are plunged into the worlds of Monica Killingsworth, Asami, Malcom and Krampus, Charles St. Cyprian, and Ebe Gallowglass.' All of these suspense thrillers reads will be very interesting keeping you turning the pages until the end.

For anyone who would like a little something different during the holiday season, I would recommend these 'Pulp thrillers' for you. Be ready for journey of a unique read with 'drama, passion and even some fantasy' that I would recommend to you as a good read.