The Hit List

The Hit List - Anne Brooke


Title: The Hit List
Author: Anne Brooke
Published: Amber Quill Press
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"The Hit List" by Anne Brooke good contemporary read. You will find that this novel of the main character is trying to 'understand his sexual identity and also dealing with family crisis.' "The Hit List is a fast pace even though it is rather long. We find Jamie Chadwick is living a home taking care of his 'ill father' and also working from home. Things come to head when Jamie's friend from college announces he is gay. What all will come of this? Even though by the end of the book Jamie still hasn't told his ill father about his issues. Has Jamie really come 'out? And then we have David changing his mind about being gay. Wow, this was some read of change or was it? As I kept reading I saw that Jamie lacked 'social skills, not particularly handsome, desperately wanted to marry someone...then he writes 'The Hit List' which was people he wanted to kill. Now, why was this? I really didn't see "The Hit List" as a true romance. I felt like this was more of the 'comedy of life.' Now what does this mean? I got this from a quote: "The choices people make (or don’t make), the consequences thereof, and the inherent complications and confusions that come of relationships." To me that says it all. To get your thoughts you must pick up this read and see for yourself. It may start out somewhat slow but keep reading and you will see which way this author is leading the reader.

The characters were all pretty well drawn like Jamie, his father, David, Robert, the vicar and his daughter, the village fete, to the nosy landlord, but all in all I found most of these characters were a very interesting group of people. This story gives off the presents of being so very 'true, heartbreaking and very sentimental.' So, if you don't mind gay issues and above all 'The Hit List' then I would recommend this touching read for you.