Ride To Redemption

Ride to Redemption - DJ Wilson


Title: Ride To Redemption
Author: DJ Wilson
Publisher: Wilson Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Ride To Redemption" by DJ Wilson was a interesting read with a good storyline that once you start reading you will not want to put it down until the end giving the reader 'travel, action adventure and some romance.' "Ride to Redemption" was just that...a ride from TN to many western states on up though Canada as the reader learns how all of this mystery read is all connected. I loved out this author was able to bring us such adventure that was explored on this ride and even providing us with the some laughter that came from the read. The two main characters D and Candice were really well I don't want to tell too much...less just say real, well portrayed, colorful very well developed and rounded giving the read one that I would say .... off the chart good. Truly "Ride To Redemption" will hold your interest because you will be left turning the pages wondering what is coming up next on this ride. I loved how this author presented to the reader just want was going on...D is in 'witness protection' and how was he involved in this .'A.J. Standford's Bank?' Be ready for a read that will teach, take you places to explore, giving you actions such as walking, riding, good food, adventure, mystery, hits and lets not leave off some erotic love making. I will say that "Ride To Redemption" has a little bit of it all and in the end will there be more to come? Would I recommend this read to you? YES!