Can't Stop Loving You

Can't Stop Loving You (Forever Friends #1) - Peggy Webb


Title: Can't Stop Loving You
Author: Peggy Webb
Publisher: Loveswept
Series: Forever Friends # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Can't Stop Loving You" by Peggy Webb was a beautiful told story of Helen and Brick Sullivan. However, before we can get to the ending we must read why they had divorced and just why they seemed to not be able to get along. While Brick is fuming why Helen had left him will they be able to get this all settle and become a happy married couple again? Now, they were being forced to work together and this is where this wonderfully written story really takes off. This author really know how to give us a "delicious story of madness and mayhem, spiced with laughter and steamy with irresistible passion." One thing is for sure you will see how secrets can really enter into a story and cause well... this is where I say you must pick up "Can't Stop Loving You" to see how this author will bring it all out to the reader. It will be a delightful enjoyable read after secrets are out and they finally talk to each other! Be ready for there to be some sizzling sex scenes and some even more funnier moments that will cause you to laugh out loud. The ending was definitely my favorite how they finally got there! YES, this is one romantic read I would definitely recommend to you.