Curvy Girls Love It Hot Collection

Curvy Girls Love it Collection - Marisa Michaels

Title: Curvy Girls Love It Collection 1-5
Author: Marisa Michaels
Publisher: M.M.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Curvy Girls Love It Collection" by Marisa Michaels was a good ADULT series read especially for the 'curvy girl.' I will say the titles for each of the reads were very sexual and says it all:

1. Curvy Girls Love it Hot

2. Curvy Girls Love it Fast

3. Curvy Girls Love it Hard

4. Curvy Girls Love It Deep

5. Curvy Girls Love It Forever

Now, once again this is an adult read so be ready because this is an adult read that this author was able to present to the reader so masterfully. You will find each series very deep dealing with its title and very well written giving you a unforgettable characters that carry on from the first series till the end. If this is your kind of read you will find it indeed good and for you I would recommend this collection.