Air: Merlin's Chalice Childen of Avalon

Air: Merlin's Chalice   Children of Avalon Book One - Meredith Bond

Title: Air: Merlin's Chalice Children of Avalon, Book One
Author: Meredith Bond
Publisher: Anessa Books
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Air Merlin's Chalice" by Meredith Bond was a beautifully told fantasy and oh what magic will appear. I found this read a very easy well written one that will appeal to any fan of fantasy giving the reader a read packed with a lots of action as well as magic. This was a good read of the 'King Arthur's Legends' featuring Scar, Bridget and Dylan descended from the "Lady of the Lake" searching for the Merlin's goblet. This will be a non stop read...once starting you will find it hard to put down until the end. Now, for the younger readers please be aware that that there will be a few scenes that are intimate as well as 'knights, sorcerers, magic and a grand quest of good and evil.' If you are a fantasy reader this one would be for you as there will be sequels that will further explain the rest of this story.