Betting The Rainbow

Betting the Rainbow - Jodi Thomas

Title:  Betting the Rainbow

Author:  Jodi Thomas

Publisher:  Berkley

Age Recommended:  Adult

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Series:  Harmony #7




"Betting the Rainbow" by Jodi Thomas was the seventh in this author series...Harmony was of  three couples who will hopefully find their way to the happily ever afters. You many  want to read the other series before this one, however this read can be read as a stand alone. The author does a good job with the characters of Harmony, Texas and her novels bringing out the romance along with the humor. Truly,  Ronny Logan, Reagan Truman and the Delaney sister, Dusti and Abby  will bring out the 'focus of the interweaving stories of healing, forgiveness, and taking some big chances that have been delayed in fulfilling their dreams.'  "Betting the Rainbow" was one good well written  read that was a page turner that this author has created characters that will have some of it all...'flaws, strengths, triumphs and struggles.'  Be ready for a beautiful rainbow of colors to this Harmony town that will give the reader humor, romance and second chances.