Hero Duty

Hero Duty - Jenny  Schwartz What I like about "Hero Duty" This author did a wonderful job with "Hero Duty" being so well written told with such wonderful descriptions of the area of Jardin Bay and Sydney. I will say that once I started reading this novel I wasn't able to put it down because it was very interesting quick and emotional read that did hold my attention till the end. The author really knows how to give twist to her characters in presenting such an intriguing read. Both the hero and heroine had some issues that needed to be fixed and with them being brought together and embarking on an adventure that would enhance their best qualities was seer icing on the cake. I don't want to tell you what it is all about because I want you to pick up "Hero Duty" to see for yourself how this author brings it all out so well to the reader. It will be quite uniquely done seeing the hero (Brodie) who was so protective, supportive and encouraging and heroine (Jessica) 'dubbed billionaire Cinderella' who needed help to stand up to her family finally finds the strength to takes back her own power and then when it's all said and done... well, I will just say it was a enjoyable romantic read that I would definitely recommend to you.