Mom Con: A Tangled Web

Mom Con: A Tangled Web - Karl Fields

Title:  Mom Con:  A Tangled Web

Author:  Karl Fields

Publisher:  K. F.

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: 5



"Mom Con: A Tangled Web" By Karl Fields...


What is this novel about?

The con is back on…

"Life is good for Anita Henry. First, she turned the tables on the ex-boss who tried to steal her business, banking a cool six figures in the process. She’s fresh off a trip to France with her new boyfriend when she gets a phone call telling her that Drake, her old boyfriend, is in the hospital, courtesy of a rapper-turned-media mogul who breaks kneecaps in his spare time.

Before she can utter c’est le vie, Anita finds herself hip-deep in another con, as she comes to Drake’s aid. But when a day at the races turns out to be no walk in the park, getting payback is the longest shot of all."


What I enjoyed from this read...


This novel continues from this author's first novel: Mom Con where we find Anita Henry having to make some more important decisions in her life which involves her old boyfriend, Drake, an ex and a new boyfriend.  I really enjoyed how this author brings it all out to the reader and gives us a very good conclusion to it all in the end.  I would suggest that you read the first book by this author, 'Mom Con' to fully understand what all has gone on previously  with Anita Henry.  "Mom Con: A Tangled Web" was a good read that will keep your attention because there will be a lots going on in Anita's life.  Would I recommend?  Yes!